22 January 2014

an untitled expression

Almost three years of constant ache; I so badly wish to overcome this great abyss; don't let it swallow me again. I want to exist in this moment, to no longer live by memory, to love everything, especially him. Especially myself. The darkness dwells within myself, it pulls me closer with each movement of my body. I wait and I crumble. I let it sink. 

How I long to float above myself, above this world, this dark and wretched world. Look at my soul, black and dripping. Let me go, let me surrender to myself, to this happiness which waits for me on the other side of the sunrise. The world shines in and I melt away, I disappear into the shadows of my misery to awake on the other side, the bliss, the beauty and the perfect vision I had all these years. I wait and I dream. 


  1. Hi K , happy valentine days from a distant 'un-met' admirer, I know it is corny, but i love being
    given flowers, they touch me like your words that i read every day, their beauty, their softness
    and the strength that comes from both them both. I love silence and the day dreams that rush across my eyes when i let my mind go free. I worry about you K and i often put good thoughts in a bubble and send it off in the wind for its journey towards you. Have you seen the video clip of Talking Heads performing ' take me to the rver '. have good days K. t xx

  2. and then there was silence and all the noise that goes with it, like swimming underwater, t x

    1. You are so wonderful, I miss you. I need to write again, dunno what happened but I disappeared. Xxxx


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